Mastering Nilah: Best Support for Nilah

best support for nilah

In the dynamic world of League of Legends, champions come in all shapes and sizes, each bringing unique abilities and strategies to the game. Among these champions, Nilah stands out with her distinctive gameplay mechanics. Nilah has quickly gained popularity among the vast player base, becoming a favorite for many. We will focus on the topic best support for Nilah in this article.

Understanding Nilah’s Abilities

Nilah's ability
Nilah’s ability

To master Nilah, it’s crucial to understand her abilities and how to use them effectively. Each of Nilah’s abilities contributes to her overall strength and strategy in the game.

  • Passive: Joy Unending: Nilah gains increased experience from last-hitting minions along with the ability to enhance and share nearby healing and shielding from her allies. When she kills a minion, her and the nearest ally gain XP that would’ve been lost to sharing. She receives 10% increased healing and 20% bonus shielding.

    Q: Formless Blade: With a snap of her whip-blade, Nilah damages any enemies she hits in a straight line in her chosen direction. This action extends her attack range for a short duration.

    W: Jubilant Veil: Nilah envelops herself in mist, increasing her movement speed and allowing her to gracefully dodge all incoming attacks. Any allies she touches during the mist’s duration will also gain this effect.

    E: Slipstream: Nilah enthusiastically dashes toward her target, dealing damage to any enemies she passes through on the way.

    R: Apotheosis: Twirling her whip-blade in joyful exuberance, Nilah deals damage to enemies around her before pulling them closer with her weapon.

    These abilities make Nilah a unique and versatile champion in League of Legends, capable of both dealing damage and supporting her allies.

Deep Dive into Nilah’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Understanding Nilah’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial to mastering her gameplay. Let’s delve into what makes her a formidable champion and where she might fall short.


Nilah is a unique champion in League of Legends that breaks the traditional mold of an ADC champion design. She’s a dashing melee fighter that also plays like an assassin, offering a fresh and exciting gameplay experience.

  • Joy Unending: Nilah’s passive ability, Joy Unending, allows her to gain increased experience from last-hitting minions. This ability also enhances and shares nearby healing and shielding from her allies, making her a valuable asset in team fights.
  • Versatility: Nilah’s abilities offer a high degree of versatility, allowing her to adapt to various game situations. Her E ability, Slipstream, can stack up to two times, enabling her to close the gap or escape from ganks easily.
  • Synergy with Supports: Nilah pairs well with a variety of support champions, making her a flexible pick in the bot lane. Her unique gameplay mechanics can synergize with different support styles, enhancing her overall effectiveness in the game.


Despite her strengths, Nilah also has some weaknesses that players need to be aware of.

  • Melee Range: As a melee champion, Nilah needs to get close to her enemies to deal damage. This can put her at risk, especially against champions with long-range abilities or crowd control.
  • Reliance on Abilities: Nilah’s effectiveness in the game heavily relies on her abilities. If she fails to utilize her abilities effectively, she can quickly become a less impactful champion in the game.
  • Requires Good Positioning: Due to her melee nature and the need to get close to enemies, good positioning is crucial when playing Nilah. Mispositioning can lead to quick deaths and lost team fights.

Best Support for Nilah

Choosing the right support for Nilah can significantly enhance her gameplay. Here are some of the best support champions to pair with Nilah:

Nautilus: The Titan of the Depths

Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths, is a formidable support for Nilah. His crowd control abilities make securing kills with Nilah a breeze. However, it’s important to remember that Nilah isn’t the strongest early game ADC, so timing and coordination with Nautilus are key.

Lulu: The Fae Sorceress

Lulu, the Fae Sorceress, is another excellent support for Nilah. Her shielding abilities are a massive plus for a melee champion like Nilah, who needs to survive in the heat of the battle. Lulu’s abilities can help Nilah sustain in fights and deal damage without worrying too much about her health.

Taric: The Shield of Valoran

While Taric, the Shield of Valoran, may not be the first choice for many when playing with Nilah, he certainly proves himself to be worthy. His W and Q abilities synergize well with Nilah’s unique kit and playstyle, making him a reliable pick to play with Nilah.

Sona: Maven of the Strings

Sona, the Maven of the Strings, is the epitome of enchanter support. With a win rate of 54.74%, she is a strong choice for supporting Nilah. Her abilities can enhance Nilah’s damage output while providing necessary healing and buffs.

Choosing the right support for Nilah can significantly enhance her performance in the game. Whether it’s Nautilus’s crowd control, Lulu’s shielding, Taric’s synergy with Nilah’s kit, or Sona’s enchanting support, each of these champions can help you unleash Nilah’s full potential.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Nilah

Nilah: Joy unbound
Nilah: Joy unbound

Mastering Nilah requires more than just understanding her abilities and knowing how to synergize with the right support. Here are some tips and tricks to help you excel when playing Nilah.

Understanding Nilah’s Power Spikes

Like all champions in League of Legends, Nilah has specific power spikes where she becomes significantly stronger. Understanding these power spikes can help you make the most of her abilities and dominate the game.

  • Early Game: In the early game, focus on farming and gaining experience. Nilah’s passive, Joy Unending, allows her to gain increased experience from last-hitting minions, which can give you a level advantage over your opponents.
  • Mid Game: Nilah’s mid-game is where she truly shines. With a few items and levels under her belt, she can deal significant damage and turn the tide of team fights.
  • Late Game: In the late game, Nilah’s effectiveness can depend on how well you’ve done in the early and mid-game. If you’ve managed to stay ahead or even with your opponents, Nilah can be a significant threat in the late game.

Utilizing Nilah’s Abilities

Properly utilizing Nilah’s abilities can make a significant difference in your gameplay.

  • Starfire (Q): Use Starfire to poke enemies from a distance. It’s also a great tool for clearing minion waves quickly.
  • Comet Crash (W): Use Comet Crash to engage enemies or escape from dangerous situations. Remember that it can stack up to two times, allowing you to dash twice in quick succession.
  • Slipstream (E): Slipstream can be used on enemy champions as well as minions. Use it to close the gap or escape from ganks easily.

Positioning and Map Awareness

Good positioning and map awareness are crucial when playing Nilah. As a melee ADC, you need to be aware of your positioning in team fights to avoid getting caught out by enemy champions. Keep an eye on the minimap to be aware of enemy movements and potential ganks.

Building the Right Items

Building the right items for Nilah can significantly enhance her performance in the game. While the optimal build can vary depending on the game situation and your opponents, some items are generally good choices for Nilah. You can find guides from here.

Remember, mastering a champion like Nilah takes practice. Don’t be discouraged if you struggle in your first few games. Keep practicing, learn from your mistakes, and you’ll improve over time.